8090 EP (Master Deluxe)

Monday, August 29, 2016

Understanding "Regal Slut"...

Well certainly this was completely shocking to everyone as I expressed that this is how I felt when I wrote the song.

Henry Moser the producer and I are were just kinda goofing around and I was like "Baby I'm a regal Slut" but I had been like thinking this for a while because it was heavy on my mind about the treatment of sluts or the right to people deciding the rules about my privacy. You know where they decide to label me a slut because of my life choices. Not giving me a chance to break out of whatever I called myself to be. Not letting me like have ownership of my life and wanting to completely label me! I didn't like that.!!! So I completely turned a negative into a positive hoping to inspire others to do the same. Its a bit of a controversy and people might not understand of be a bit mad.

But like I wrote it to empower people to stand up for themselves in any situation!

It is a courageous song. It is also a bit of an oxymoron! But life is such! So here goes! Sincerely from the definition of Pixel Glitch!

REGAL SLUT FROM 2011 to forever!!

But most importantly I want my right to express what I see and here in life and feel and to be able to yell! Thank you for that opportunity! I will commence to yelling!

ANd Please always remember as an individual and a black one that. I will continue to yell. I encourage everyone to yell with me until we all yell so much we bring back the sun to Dark Days!


Also the single is available for download for free for all those times when you want to play me in your car and scream with me!

OR those times when you want to play me at a party because you are a DJ and you are liberated on the Dance Floor!

Gonna yell my way to liberation!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Monday, July 9, 2012

People who are broke they just wanna DANCE!

Or Something like that..

Those lyrics came together at Henry Moser's old crib in Berkeley... I was playing with his troll dolls.
His then Roommate agreed those lyrics were catchy.
and Henry kept reminding me to go with those lyrics.
And then I sat down and Composed the lyrical format for the song..

Let's analyze the Lyrics..

"I aint got no Money,Got no money. This is NOT a Joke, Or a LIE..(((or A lie))) I'll plead the fifth in any test (((in any test))) LAST NIGHT A DJ SAVED MY LIFE. AND I CHOOSE TO DANCE."

Now when I looked at my bank account, It was speaking so negatively to me. No Lie, a Bird is Broke. I would not ever lie to you. That's why I plead the fifth. I hate taking Test.

I love all DJ's especially when they get behind the groove!! A good DJ will save your life..

"People who are broke they just wanna dance,wanna dance, wanna dance.. PEOPLE WHO ARE BROKE"

Well you know Dancing keeps the soul happy. Gold is nice...but a happy soul is better.. On your feet!
Second Verse! "I ain't got no money, That puts me in the 99% Tip your last few cents on some wine for a good time DJ Play my track watch me jam."

I remember when I realized I fit the description of the 99%.. I said well damn, ain't that the majority? Ha, Means more folks should be dancing!!!

Back to the Chorus...Keep Moving!
"People who are broke they just wanna dance,wanna dance, wanna dance.. PEOPLE WHO ARE BROKE"

That's pretty much the message. Not to deep. Quite Simple and Effective.

So dance.

Enjoy the video and share with a friend.

I mean everyone in the 99% deserves the right to dance.
Watch on Vimeo...


Directed by Shae Violet Edited by Maya Songbirdie..

Friday, May 11, 2012

Official Video Visual For "13 Weeks"

I had this idea after shooting the video for "Laugh out Loud" to start a little video visual project to go along with the blog and the EP... After kissing many video director frogs, I decided I would just edit these videos myself being I wrote the Lyrics and all. So I hit up my girl and was like YO, I want to shoot some videos, and she was like I want to direct them, and the rest is history.. So here is the first visual for "13 weeks"...Shoutout to my boy Noel who advised me to shoot the video on my lyrical wall.Shout out To Shae Violet for shooting... word.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Understanding "13 weeks"

"13 weeks" to me is a song of awakening.
And every time that I hear it, I can recall how I felt at that moment and time and the feeling I had in my heart.

*Warning* This song is about real life and you might tear up.

Before I start going in to more detail , I will now request that you press play or replay.

I heard the instrumental while chilling at Henry's one day and wanted to write to the track. I remember feeling a eery and mysterious feeling upon first hearing it. ..The Bassline and the nostalgic sound.
You know that sound. You should have heard it by now if you have pressed play!

So there are so many things I could have said on this track and then I got this phone call that changed all of that and at that time I was like damn.
For those who don't know. This song is about EDD.
Never would have guessed right?

So here is the scoop...Everyone should know when you are down to your last 13 weeks on Unemployment they give you a nice but not so nice courtesy call letting you know that the party is almost over.

And at that time, I was stuck in the decision of do I really want to go back to 9-5 hell. My previous job situation had been nothing short of hell...not to mentions all the other previous odd jobs, while trying to pursue what I really wanted to do which is sing, write and dance.

Hence the opening lines to the track "Life in Retrograde"..
What does "Retrograde" mean? It means Moving backwards when you should be moving forward.
And yes when in Retrograde thoughts can seem very gray...Those last "13 weeks" were like a ticking time bomb in my life, and even though I smiled I was very afraid.

Then I wrote..."Eyes now Open..Walk upright...These are the times"
That's the forever optimism that apply to my life regardless of any situation.
I truly just try to stick it out and keep my eyes open and Walk like a human being...not a caveman. :)

"Countdown Begins, 13 weeks, 13 weeks..."
Oh shit. Tick tock tick.

"Eyes now open, Walk upright, today is the day"

"Feels like the world is mad at me, attacking every where I turn"
Family and friends thought I was crazy for sticking to my art. I lost friends. Family kinda shunned me. Always been a black sheep. Ouch.
But still...
"Eyes now Open, Walk upright, Now is the Time.."
Everything that occurred in my life at that moment and time only made me stronger.
For it was the magic inside that was shining through it all. I had finally released my power. My potential.
Nothing could stop me. Not Family not Friends. Not you, Not them.

The icing on the cake for my decision to remain true to myself...true to all my life dreams...
"Can't rewind my life.
Can't pause these dreams.
Power my focus
and play my song."

You know my momma always told me, you don't want to get old thinking about what you could have done with your life.
So this is My inspiration to you.
"Can't rewind your life.
Can't pause your dreams.
Power your focus.

Live your dreams, as if you have "13 weeks" to change your life.

Take it from me and Kermit. :P

Thanks for listening and understanding.

-Maya Songbird

Monday, January 16, 2012

"80/90" EP Re-Release Party!

In Celebration mode of my debut EP "80/90" we will be having a re-release party!

The festivities will take place at Gallery 1307 in the heart of the Fillmore!
That is Right! Frisco I am coming home!

The Date is 01/21/12 and you must RSVP for a headcount.

You can reserve your Free Tickets Here!



Maya Songbird

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Welcome to the "80/90" Blog! For all things "80/90!

Everyone Pop a Bottle! "80/90" officially re-released today! Yay!

So in honor of "80/90" the EP, I have also decided to create a blog that breaks down the concept and the story line of this project brought to you by yours truly, Mistress Maya Songbird and Henry Moser!

This blog is an invite for you to experience the journey of this story. A front seat to every Lyric of each song. A one on one break down of the concept,meaning and inspiration.
A little something for everyone to relate to.

This blog will also post all things "80/90"! Including Press Coverage, Music Videos ETC. for the project! ALL THINGS "80/90"!

But First I would like to invite you to check out the "80/90" Press Release for the project Written by Alicia Johnson, CEO of Phase II Management!

“80/90” EP RELEASE

San Francisco, CA (January 2012)—Up and coming independent recording artist, Maya Songbird along with guitar player, Henry Moser debut their first recorded collaboration, “80/90.”

Maya Songbird segues from the neo-soul/pop sounds of her hit single “Lust,” and seamlessly enters the world of electro-pop—giving fans a sample of what is to come on her debut full-length album, “Castro Kid,” scheduled for release Spring 2012.

Guitarist, Henry Moser has managed to stay off of the radar, but that’s not going to be for long. On “80/90,” Henry shows off his array of talents as producer, vocalist, songwriter and graphic artist of the eye-catching cover.

The remastered EP features 5 original songs including the crowd favorite, “Laugh Out Loud.” Masaya Tamegai
 directed the music video for the single, which already has more than 700 views on YouTube.

The unique title, “80/90” represents the difference of decades in which the two were born—Maya being an ‘80s baby, and Henry born early ‘90s. Musical influences from both eras can be heard in the music. Both Maya and Henry hope that this project will open minds to new musical sounds that “feel familiar, almost nostalgic.”

Fans can access songs at 8090.bandcamp.com and download them at iTunes.com. Music videos can be seen HERE...

There you have it!
Cheers and Welcome to All things "80/90"


Mistress Maya Songbird